The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook has been developed in consultation with the community, in a process initiated by the Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference (GBIC).

The conference gathered together around 100 experts from a wide variety of disciplines to meet in Copenhagen in July 2012. Scientists, informatics experts, policy makers, and others were invited to identify how best to harness the power of information technology, biodiversity science and social networks to improve our understanding of life on Earth.

Through a series of workshops they identified the highest priority questions and the tools that would be needed to answer them and outlined the steps that would need to be taken to create those tools and deploy them effectively.

The ideas and priorities identified during the discussions at GBIC were subsequently distilled and structured by the workshop leads and a core writing team.

The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook (GBIO) offers a framework for reaching a much deeper understanding of the world’s biodiversity, and through that understanding the means to conserve it better and to use it more sustainably.

Download the GBIO report (pdf file, 892 KB, 44 pages).