Building on those foundations, the Data focus area aims to accelerate the mobilization of data from all sources, unlocking the knowledge held in our collections and literature, improving data quality and filling in gaps, and bringing observations and data from all sources from satellites to genomes online.

Published materials

Enable digital access to all published biodiversity knowledge
Expose the biodiversity data embedded in print publications and multimedia formats as freely available, standardized and structured information.

Collections and specimens

Accelerate digitization of specimen-based data
Develop and expand efficient techniques and processes to capture and share data from natural history specimens.

Field surveys and observations

Ensure open and timely sharing of data from field research and citizen science
Mobilize all biodiversity observations, including associated multimedia, as soon as possible after they are collected.

Sequences and genomes

Incorporate data from genomic and genetic exploration of the living world
Capture data from molecular research on biodiversity and genetic variation, including vouchered reference sequences, sequence-based identifications, and environmental DNA and RNA.

Automated and remote-sensed observations

Harness automated monitoring technologies to expand data capture across the whole planet
Automate recording and identification of species and populations with satellite-based observing systems, field-based sensors, remote-controlled systems and other technologies.